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Create a Snapchat Web Views Ad for my event - Upwork

Biudžetas 501-1000 Eur
Sukurta: 2023-03-03
Baigiasi: 2023-03-10
Siūlo: Nėra
Apibūdinimas: Help me create a web views ad for my event using this flyer

Ad Specs

Full-screen Canvas: 1080×1920 px, 9:16 aspect ratio, scaled proportionally to original asset.

File Format: MP4, MOV, H.264 encoded, storage aspect ratio should be 1:1.

Acceptable Creatives: Live, motion graphic, or stop motion video, cinemagraph, slideshow, GIF-like, still image.

Length: 3-10 seconds

File size: 32MB or less

Audio: Must utilize 2 channels in a balanced way throughout, audio target level should be -16 LUFS, PCM or AAC codec, 192 minimum kbps, 16 or 24-bit only, 48 KHz sample rate.

Budget: $5

Posted On: March 03, 2023 03:46 UTC
Category: Social Media Marketing
Skills:Snapchat, Retargeting, Internet Marketing, Social Media Marketing

Skills: Snapchat, Retargeting, Internet Marketing, Social Media Marketing
Country: Australia

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