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Expert Classic Western "shoot em up" Writer Required!! Fast payment with On-going Work Guarantee! - Upwork

Biudžetas 501-1000 Eur
Sukurta: 2020-05-25
Baigiasi: 2020-06-01
Siūlo: Nėra
Apibūdinimas: Hi,

We are looking for a few high-quality historical classic "shoot them up" western romance ghostwriters experienced in the American Frontier era and are good with deep emotions and connections between characters to work on this classic western series.

*** The budget listed will be more depending on skill sets and experience.

*** The price listed is for one 70k book.

Addition things to considered:

*IMPORTANT* : You need to be well read in classic western genre and experience in writing classic "shoot them up" western novel. It will be a historical classic western with little bits of romance piece and hence need to be well versed in American Frontier era. Their conflicts, struggles and hardship,etc.

It will be a classic "shoot them up" western story often coupled with indians elements and characters.

Think Louis L'Amour style of books.

Think John Wayne style of films.

It will feature some form of bring criminal to justice.

Then with sub-plot of romance but only of 10-15% of the total story.

It will set between the era of 1880-1900.

1/ write up  stories in connecting series. Each book is 70k words.

2/ Historical Western romance written in series form

3/ Accommodating that willing to make changes if needed (that will be min if you are a strong writer)

4/ Willing to work and brainstorm with us on Book Blurb for sales jacket, story outline before actual write up,etc

5/ Strong proofreading/ clean editing from your end

6/ willing to do reading on research materials, sample stories to understand the history and genre (of course, we will compensate that on your time).

7/ Willing to follow a structure using template with pointers provided

8/ Need the writing to be FAST and STRONG who has the ability to turn quickly high quality series.

9/ Need to be RELIABLE as in responsive in replies and able to meet datelines so stories can push out in a CONSISTENT timeframe.

10/ good experience in historical western romance story of what readers really want.

- believable conflict

- English-American dialogue

- having the engagement with readers where they can feel a romantic emotional connection with the story and characters.

- Excellent English-American writing.

All works MUST be unique and original. No plagiarizing of others' works or works that you have written for other clients.
Stories written for us MUST by original and CANNOT by found anywhere in internet.

All stories submitted to us will run through COPYSCAPE and with our beta readers who are avid readers for the genre.

When they report back that they have read the stories(s) else where before and part of it is available on internet through Copyscape scanning, we will take the necessary action:

A- report to Upwork immediately

B- You won't be paid for the story and terminate our future working relationship instantly

C- post a 1star review and write a detailed review comment warning other potential client.

*** Please DONT APPLY for this job if you CANNOT adhere to this ***

Having say the above pointers, it will potential be a long-term working relationships.

Projects will be given constantly if proven good. Eventually, we would want to go exclusive with you (if proven that you are the rite fit for the team) meaning to push out more high quality series and faster.

On top of that, the type of writing will surely hone your skill as we are looking for deep emotions.

Upon reading the pointers above, if you are interested and available, we can discuss more in details.

If you are the type that need consistent payment and at the same time to hone your writing skills, I can keep you busy as there are more projects available. We are constantly on the look out for great and suitable writer for the genre.

I am not a slave driver and easy to work with for we value our writer as well as hold them with respect.

If we love your writing, your availability being reliable and commitment, we would love to extend our invitation to put you on our exclusive list if you are willing and interested.

Being exclusive with us will means that there are a GUARANTEE number of projects throughout the year and beyond.

Please propose to us:
-your pricing on 70k words (Please give us a good pricing)

- your time frame to complete each book. Each book will need to be proofread, with clean editing. Also, need a plot outline send through and discussed before actual write up.

Ideally we are looking for 4weeks or 1 month time frame that come back to us with book fully edited and blurb writing.

- *** please send us 2 short story samples (less than 2-5k words) on western romance.

Thanks and I'm look forward to your reply.

P.S: The budget listed can be more depending on skill sets and experience.

The price listed is for one 70k book.

Budget: $1,850

Posted On: May 25, 2020 02:41 UTC
Category: Ghostwriting

Country: United States

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