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Wedding Website Design and page building on Squarespace - Upwork

Biudžetas 501-1000 Eur
Sukurta: 2020-01-13
Baigiasi: 2020-01-20
Siūlo: Nėra
Apibūdinimas: Looking for someone that knows how to use the backend of Squarespace very well!

I would like to add some more zest to my wedding website (built on Squarespace). I want to add some colors / a nice watercolor looking background because right now the website is too plain. I also want to add some pages (for example, a page outlining everyone in the bridal party) as well as a countdown to the wedding page and I need help with this! Additionally, I would like a more elaborate events page (mine is too simple right now).

Example bridal party: http://www.hollyandpaulforever.com/people/

Example countdown: http://www.hollyandpaulforever.com/countdown/

Budget: $85

Posted On: January 13, 2020 04:00 UTC

Skills: Sketch, Style Guide, Graphic Design, Adobe Illustrator, Squarespace, Adobe Photoshop
Location Requirement: Only freelancers located in the United States may apply.

Country: United States

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Darbo Tipas(ai):
  • PHP
  • CSS
Duomenų Bazė:
Operacinė Sistema: Linux
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