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MFI-9. I need articles on the topic of microloans in Polish - Upwork

Biudžetas 501-1000 Eur
Sukurta: 2018-04-24
Baigiasi: 2018-05-01
Siūlo: Nėra
Apibūdinimas: I would like to invite you to write 3 interesting, unique and structural articles about microloans companies.

4000 + 4000 charakters * 3$ = 24 USD

https://www.aasapolska.pl/ - 4000 symb without spaces

https://cashsport.pl/ - 4000 symb without spaces

The number of characters must be at least 3500.

For the Polish web-site aggregator of credits (example: https://sowafinansowa.pl) needs to write in POLISH the text on the page of feedbacks about company, service and features. This website does not give out credits, it is the collection of feedbacks, information and rating about all credit organization.

Examples of similar pages: https://sowafinansowa.pl/pozyczki/lendon-opinie/ or https://pozyczkaportal.pl/pozyczki/smart-pozyczka/.

The following keywords should be used in the text (at least once per article):

1. Logowanie do [name of company]

2. Kontakty [name of company]

3. Konto osobiste w [name of company]

4. Rejestracja w [name of company]

5. Opinie o [name of company]

The plan of the article:

About the company [name of company]

- date of foundation

- brand

- other information

Security & Service

- licenses and certificates

- convenience of work schedule

- possibility of prolongation

- other information, if any

- personal cabinet: registration, entry, functional

Terms and Conditions

- terms for which you can take a loan (ranges)

- amounts for loans

- age restrictions

- necessary documents (passport, certificates) and other requirements (restriction on annual income, etc.)

Repayment of a credit

- payment methods

- calculation of interest for the use of credit

- procedures for paying the body of credit and interest

Loan reviews in [name of company]

- popularity of the organization

- convenience of crediting

- general impression of cooperation (neutral or positive)

Advantages and disadvantages

- a brief summary of the pros and cons of the application, necessary documents, refunds, problems with delinquency and other parameters

Contact details

- email

- legal address

- phone numbers

- schedule of work (example: Mon-Fri: 8-17, Sat-Sun: 8-13)

- other, if any

The text should answer all the top-priority questions of the visitor:

1. What kind of company?

2. Should I trust it?

3. What are the financial conditions of loans for the client?

4. How loyal is the company to the client?

General requirements:

1. The text should be concise, use important, useful information. If you do not have enough useful information for the text, find it.

2. The text should clearly and specifically answer customer questions.

3. Write in the information style.

4. Use lists and enumerations, break the block into paragraphs, use sub-headings.

Budget: $24

Posted On: April 24, 2018 08:52 UTC
Category: Writing > Article & Blog Writing

Country: Ukraine
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