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E- Book Gun Control - Upwork

Biudžetas 501-1000 Eur
Sukurta: 2018-03-30
Baigiasi: 2018-04-06
Siūlo: Nėra
Apibūdinimas: Ghostwriter project. You will be assigned a template with details to follow on how to write this e-book.

Writer must have excellent writing skills, articulate and strong command over English language.

All details will be provided upon hiring of the job.

16k-18k words in length.

Budget is $250


you (ghost writer) are entering into this Agreement for the purposes of completing  E- Book on Control

Method. In order to accomplish the Work, Ghostwriter will complete instructed work as Owner/Author sees fit for completing E-book on gun control

Plagiarism. Ghostwriter agrees that all Work created for Author is {​his/her}​ own unique work, and does not borrow from any other copyrighted work.

Deadline. Ghostwriter will have 20 days/3-4 weeks. Owner/Author will have access to the work at any point during the writing process. Owner/Author also has the right to extend deadline as he sees fit.

Payment. Payment for the Work will be delivered according to the following schedule: Payments will be sent in increments, 3 milestones on the upwork platform.

Royalties. Ghostwriter will not be entitled to any royalties, residuals, or commissions upon the sale of the work. Total payment for Ghostwriter is $250 USD, payable according to the terms listed above.

Copyrights. Owner/Author will own the Work, including any copyrights and sale or distribution rights.

Credit. Credit for the Work will solely belong to Ahilan C. or any other pen name he sees fit..

Confidentiality. Ghostwriter acknowledges that {​he/she}​ will have access to certain privileged information during the course of this project. Ghostwriter agrees to keep all information confidential from any and all third parties, during and after the course of this project.

Termination. Author/Owner will have the right to terminate this Agreement at any point. Should Author terminate the Ghostwriter’s services, dispute case will be opened and handled through Upwork Global Inc., according to the provisions outlined in Upwork Global Inc's terms of service.

Ghostwriter will not have the right to end this Agreement at any point in time.Ghostwriter will not have the right to end this Agreement at any point in time. Upon accepting this job, this is now considered a official document and taking on this project the Ghostwriter is under a legal contract and binding agreement that holds Ghostwriter accountable for any legal recourse.

Author and Ghostwriter agree to the above terms, upon accepting this job, the ghostwriter is bound to this written contractual agreement in the above stated terms. As soon as this project/job is accepted this contract becomes active and is put in to effect.

Budget: $250

Posted On: March 30, 2018 04:00 UTC
Category: Writing > Academic Writing & Research

Skills: Academic Writing, Writing
Country: Canada
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