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Sukurta: 2018-03-12
Baigiasi: 2018-03-19
Siūlo: Nėra
Apibūdinimas: I have 3 blog articles I would like written at about 1500 words each.

1) What is the cloud: explain cloud, explain on premise, talk about the future of cloud and stats on cloud uptake, mention hazards of using the cloud and issues with cyber security and the cloud

2)What is big data and analytics: explain and give stats on data holdings, explosion of data, and the need to have meaningful data hence analytics needs. Explain how data analytics can give insights to improve lives e.g. health, education etc. Explain how to work out where to start analysing data by thinking of the business's biggest issues and then seeing what data can help solve them. Rather than pancicking about how much data you have and how you will use it all. Talk about privacy issues with data and mention open data.

3) AI and Machine learning: Explain AI, talk about robots and technology like IBM Watson. Talk about the future with AI but note not to be scared as AI still has a long way to go, we can still adapt and it's not new for humans to have to change (eg industrial revolution), talk about machine learning, explain it and explain how humans have to train the machine and about human bias in training machines. Talk about how jobs of the future will be less automated and more service oriented. Automation can be done by machines.

Budget: $90

Posted On: March 12, 2018 04:00 UTC
Category: Writing > Article & Blog Writing

Skills: Blog Writing, Writing
Country: Australia
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