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Dreamweaver CS6 -PHP and Codeigniter Experience needed . All 3

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Sukurta: 2014-04-22
Baigiasi: 2014-04-29
Siūlo: Nėra
Apibūdinimas: If you have experience in Deamweaver, PHP, codeigniter, then read on ...


I need to fix a bug...

OK so, I hired someone to add php to my website for a number of different things... It was all working....except I had him put dummy audio and video files where I could then later simply replace them with my actual source.... sounded simple.... Well I am at that state to where I need to delete the audio file and the video file that is under the 'assets' folder and I have done so. However when you try to download the video and audio it doesnt work.... it downloads an empty zip file instead.

THe person built this with Coldeigniter.... Nothing else needs to be done just need my donwload buttons to download said files... files that are already where they need to be placed...The download buttons are on a paid wall on my website... I can get into further details later... thanks

Would like this done tonigh. Willing to pay a fixed price... My web developer could probablly fix this in 5 minutes but he is busy at tonight.

Screen shot is attached here...Thanks

Posted On: April 22, 2014 01:10 UTC
ID: 203923821
Category: Web Development > Web Programming
Skills: adobe-dreamweaver,codeigniter,php
Country: United States
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