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Seeking someone that can help sell a valuable brand package (business name, domain, usernames, logo) - Upwork

Biudžetas 501-1000 Eur
Sukurta: 2019-11-22
Baigiasi: 2019-11-29
Siūlo: Nėra
Apibūdinimas: I need someone that can identify potential buyers of an extremely valuable brand package that I own. The package includes the business name "JRIP" (pronounced "Drip") the 4-letter domain JRIP.com, @jripofficial on Instagram & Twitter. JRIP Official Facebook page, and a stunning original JRIP logo design. See attached. This name could work for anything really, but ideally is best for a start-up, a water based company, clothing company (ex. "Drip" high-fashion term") or smoking device (ex. JUUL or PUFF). JRIP - "Just Rip" "Juicy Rip" JRIP Device etc. I value my asset package in the thousands of dollars range, so I need a big sale. I have even more to offer when it comes to JRIP (my design abilities, could be the brand designer for the buyer, build website / packaging etc) but this should be enough for now. Please reach out if you seriously think you can sell this name or have any other ideas with it. Thank you, Eli

Budget: $1,000

Posted On: November 22, 2019 04:00 UTC
Category: Sales & Marketing > Lead Generation

Skills: Valuation, Consulting, Startup Consulting, Sales, Design, Lead Generation, Copyright, Leads, Startup, Business
Country: United States

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