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Sukurta: 2019-09-29
Baigiasi: 2019-10-06
Siūlo: Nėra
Apibūdinimas: We are looking for a content writer that either has a technical (engineering) or environmental (biology) background to write educational content for blogs, case studies and promotional material as it relates to the water and wastewater industry.  Blogs would be the primary deliverable and would be between 4 and 8 paragraphs and include a chart, graph or picture.  

We are a supplier of ultraviolet disinfection equipment which is used to eliminate bacteria from liquids.  Primarily our equipment is used on water and wastewater, but can also be used for the treatment of sugar syrups, brines and other products used in the food & beverage industry.  Ultraviolet disinfection equipment is an alternative to chemical treatment.  Primary markets we work in are the municipal water & wastewater industry, food & beverage, pharmaceutical, power & energy, aquaculture and swimming pool industries.

We are not looking for a sales blog, but an education blog that teaches the reader about a problem that is related to water & wastewater, how the problem affects companies, people, products, etc., what technologies exist to solve the problem and what their shortcomings may be and then to end, in some cases, how ultraviolet disinfection equipment can solve the problem and how it is better than existing technology being used.  The ultraviolet portion does not have to be strong, as that is our background and we can fill in those gaps.  

The first blog we are looking for is on listeria in the food & beverage industry.  The blog should address the following:

1. What listeria is.

2. How its gets into foods & beverages and the harm it can cause.

3. A few case studies on large listeria outbreaks and their results (Blue Bell ice cream is a good example).

4. Are their any regulations that govern how listeria is to be treated or reported.

5. What food & beverage facilities do now to combat listeria.

6. How UV can be part of a listeria removal program in a food & beverage facility.

Attached is a previous blog that was written as an example of the content we are looking for.

We are looking for someone to write 1 to 3 blogs per week  Please offer a fixed price per blog.

Hourly Range: $20.00-$45.00

Posted On: September 29, 2019 03:00 UTC
Category: Writing > Article & Blog Writing

Skills: Article Writing, Blog Article, Blog Writing, Content Writing, English Grammar, Research, Scientific & Technical Services, Writing
Location Requirement: Only freelancers located in the United States may apply.

Country: United States

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