Grassroots Coordinator - Upwork

Biudžetas 501-1000 Eur
Sukurta: 2018-02-25
Baigiasi: 2018-03-04
Siūlo: Nėra
Apibūdinimas: I need a person to help me develop a Grassroots organization. I need you to recruit and organize a team of college students. They will need to have the correct majors for the requested skills. Your job and responsibilities will be to devise a plan to find this team of students and assist me in organizing a structure network. The goal is to have one person communicate a message with the organized network. The purpose for communicating with the community as a whole when updating any messages.

Posted On: February 25, 2018 04:00 UTC
Category: Accounting & Consulting > Human Resources

Location Requirement: Only freelancers located in the United States may apply.

Country: United States
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Darbo Tipas(ai):
  • PHP
  • CSS
Duomenų Bazė:
Operacinė Sistema: Linux
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