Apache, Apache Tomcat, CentOS6

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Sukurta: 2015-08-19
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Apibūdinimas: I have a project  that uses:

CentOS v.6

Apache Tomcat


Lucee (ColdFusion)

SVN Administration

I need support in configuring a dev virtual machine's settings for Apache, and Apache TomCat routing.

I have full documentation for my project and have the virtual machine running.

My basic needs are someone who is skilled with Linux Administration with Apache and so forth.

Here are the requirements from the client among other tasks we need to implement.


We use a separate apache web server (beyond Tomcat) because that most closely simulates our live environment (which is CentOS), and Apache does various things beyond what Tomcat does. We'll talk much more about this down the line. But the request flow on your local machine is:

Static content:

Client request -> Apache -> Client

Client request -> Apache -> Tomcat/Lucee (cfml proceseed) -> Apache -> Client

This is achieved through a reverse proxy configured in each apache virtualhost. The configuration can be confusing, but it's conceptually simple: The Apache web server pattern matches on file type, and proxies dynamic content (e.g.. .cfm) to Tomcat (well, just think Lucee). Likewise, other file types can be proxied to other engines (e.g., python, php, whatever).

Local setup:

modify hosts file:




Confirm by successfully pinging your local address with

ping testhost.client

Then you'll want to configure an apache virtual host to listen for these three hostnames, and point to a web root for each. Client and Neon web roots are interrelated and must be configured per the spec. The www root will be for the much simpler case of the public website.

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