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Sukurta: 2015-03-27
Baigiasi: 2015-04-03
Siūlo: Nėra
Apibūdinimas: Assume a mysql table with a column named msg where messages are stored.

Create  a routine that will calculate the the top trending topics.

Topics are identified with #hashtags

routine must be a php class with an example and a config file to store connections table and field name

If interested, please

A) State how many odesk hours you need for this job

B) When you an deliver

C) make sure the first word of your reply is JO88

Assume no particular interface.. you just need to be able to demonstrate that it works.  Trending topics and their numerical value should be returned in an array.

Posted On: March 27, 2015 00:56 UTC
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Country: Ireland
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