Simple updates to Wordpress Contacts site

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Sukurta: 2015-01-07
Baigiasi: 2015-01-14
Siūlo: Nėra
Apibūdinimas: Hey,

We have a wordpress site that needs a few updates.  it's basic functionality is to get people's contact information when they sign up.  After they are signed up, they can answer more questions based upon the ones they've already answered.

Presently, there are just a few updates that need to be made:

1.  page for 'silent admin mode' allowing us to enter all questions without emailing the user.

2.  updates to a few of the radio button sets

3.  changes to the font sizes and format of a few of the forms

4.  Insert a few pictures so it is more aesthetically pleasing

5.  update table page by clicking on the cell and making changes

6.  analyze and report on whether we can remove some existing plugins for efficiency and then remove them

Just looking for basically customization and programming enhancements.

I have sketches if you want me to include those, or anything else that would help describe the end product for this phase.

Basically, I need a wordpress professional.  I know what I need, but I'm new to wordpress and I know that someone can do what I need done in a couple hours.  

Would like a little QC on the entry, like "Sorry, not all forms filled out" and to know where I can edit jpgs for basic branding purposes.  Also, in the future, there will be more edits after this initial gets launched.  like fields on the admin side to rate users and products, etc.  Nothing to wild, just basic db/php/wordpress stuff.

Email me if you have questions.  I will look at applications tomorrow as this is kind of a quick execution type of job.  We can chat about this on Skype for more details.


Budget: $90
Posted On: January 07, 2015 02:02 UTC
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Category: Web Development > Web Programming
Skills: Array, Array
Country: United States
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