Wordpress Theme Customization, Plug Ins Customization, & Front End User Customization

Biudžetas 501-1000 Eur
Sukurta: 2015-01-05
Baigiasi: 2015-01-12
Siūlo: Nėra
Apibūdinimas: Hello,

English: you must be fluent enough to understand the job and the specifications listed below. Communication is a big issue for me, you need to make sure you understand what I am asking for. We will be working side by side and communicating through Skype so there is full understanding on both sides.

I need someone that is very fluent in Wordpress, programming, jquery, php skills are needed. I am looking to finish customizing a theme. I have already done 70% of the customization but I need help with the more technical/coding/programming side of this project.

The Website:

This is a community/user type website, there are user profiles, forms, front end posts upload, galleries. If you have experience with this type of websites, more points to you.

Step 1: I am needing to integrate 2 Plug Ins to have one specific function, what I am looking for is doable as I know websites have the function I am looking to implement. 1. Users should be able to upload posts with image galleries from front end. (the plug ins are installed they just need to be fused together to work properly) I have already created the forms integrated the function, all I need is to insert a gallery/slider type function on the posts users submit with photos.

Step 2: I need someone to tweak the theme in the areas I was not able to, this might include custom css formatting. Ex. Change H1 or Title text color, add code or tweak default blog posts to include ads wrapped around the text. etc.

Step 3: Fix a few visual misconceptions "widgets". A few areas of the site need fixing might be due to specific theme code. Ex. Fix the look of a form, subscription widget, change colors. etc...

Step 4: Finish implementing all other plug ins and widgets. There is not much to install I will probably do this but if your help is needed I will need assistance.

Step 5: Populate the site with content, I will provide the content once the issues above are fixed. You and I both will add the content. This will include just copy pasting and making sure the pages look as desired. Easy stuff.

Step 7: Take site from demo domain and apply to live domain. Test, troubleshoot and launch the site live.

I am looking to have all this completed within 2 weeks. Yes, 2 weeks and I am very strict with deadlines. This is a very easy job for the ones that can master Wordpress you will probably won't even need 2 weeks.

Be available through Skype US Time. Preferably 6-7pm central

If you do a good job it is highly likely I will hire you again as I like to develop good business relationships.

Budget: $250
Posted On: January 05, 2015 00:28 UTC
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Category: Web Development > Web Programming
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Country: United States
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