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Become a WordPress.org Support Star!

Biudžetas 501-1000 Eur
Sukurta: 2014-11-06
Baigiasi: 2014-11-13
Siūlo: Nėra
Apibūdinimas: We’re looking for awesome support peeps to join us Full Time (that’s 40+hrs / week) at WPMU DEV to provide full time support at WordPress.org for *anything* to do with WordPress.

The role will involve:

- Hanging out in the WordPress.org being massively friendly, helpful and useful

- Assisting with and solving all manner of WordPress questions, with style!

- Co-ordinating with developers over bugs, features and cool new stuff

- Being an active part of the Incsub team

- Sharing cat photos, amusing videos and animated gifs

Location is unimportant, as long as you are available, enthusiastic, committed, passionate, moreorless permanently online and know your WordPress.

And there are a heap of opportunities there too, some of the most important folk in Incsub have started off doing support.

Show us why you are worth it, and why we should do anything we can keep you happy.

Next steps….

As you can imagine, we get a *lot* of applications for these positions. So, we’ve created a hoop for you to jump though.

Please visit http://incsub.com/careers/support/ and complete the tasks there in a pdf or similar (please don’t post them anywhere google will find them or we’ll have to change the tasks!) and submit them with your application.

Unfortunately we can’t accept applications without completed task sheets, however, successfully completing this task will a. set you apart from the idiots who don’t read stuff :) b. ensure that we take a look at your application in detail and c. at the very least give you some feedback.

We're happy to pay you through the platform of your choice, however we will *only* be accepting applications made through http://incsub.com/careers/support/.

Thanks for your time!

Where? When? How much?

- You can work from absolutely anywhere, we’re a distributed company

- You can work moreorless whenever you want as long as we can fit it in around everyone else, being flexible is key – although we are super keen on people who like to work weekends (and take time off during the week)

- We’re hoping to pick up people asap, the sooner the better, tomorrow wouldn’t be out of the question, in fact tomorrow would be good

- We’re happy to pay good rates for good people – as a guide for these positions ideally we’ll be picking people up ambitious junior staff… show us why we can’t afford not to afford you!


- Are an individual (no applications by companies please)

- Have a really good familiarity with WordPress

- Along with amazingly great communication skills, ideally you’ll be a native English speaker, but we're flexible on that

- Are a great team player, keen on working in an expanding, motivated, distributed support team

- Love impressive response times, typing speed (it matters) and the ability to really bang good stuff out

- Can code (php/mysql and/or html/css) a bit, or a lot, even better


- Want to offer you the most enjoyable, flexible, challenging role you've ever had

- Will provide you with all the tools, support and backing you need to get the job done.

- Offer some very attractive renumeration and working conditions for the right candidates

- Provide a real and virtual team that you'll love to work with

Posted On: November 06, 2014 00:41 UTC
ID: 204750585
Category: Web Development > Web Programming
Skills: Array, Array, Array, Array, Array
Country: Australia
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