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Sukurta: 2014-03-23
Baigiasi: 2014-03-30
Siūlo: Nėra
Apibūdinimas: I would like a "near clone" of id#true dot com (remove the #). I don't want the colors and every little detail to be the exact same, but base your design heavily off this theme. The functionality of the site should be the same. Anything in this description that differs from the site's actual functionality should take precedence. For instance, I want my own checkout system, not the same one from id#true.

For the searching and records retrieval aspect of the site, there seems to be plenty of APIs out there for public records. The site should be able to take a first and last name, with an optional city and state, and return a list of names, ages, city, relatives, etc. The user will then have the option to click "view report"  for any given person which will prompt him to create an account on the next page, which shows possible records that will be viewable in the report along with a google map of the user's general location, etc... same as the account creation page on id#true. The user will need to agree to the terms and conditions, so have a checkbox for this right before the submit button.

After the user creates an account, the next page will be to choose the membership type. Go to radaris dot com, search a person and click full report... see how it gives you three membership types to choose from? This is what I want, but will have the option for single report, unlimited use 30 days, and 1 year unlimited.

After the user joins, he should be able to retrieve as much information as the APIs we have implemented will find... address, criminal records, court records, phone numbers, social media accounts, property value, etc. Any information retrieved for free from the APIs will be unlimited for the customer. Any information that cannot be pulled from the APIs should be labeled "premium services" and will link to an affiliate site or maybe you can find a paid data provider for these records?

The site will need to have a login system. The login system needs to allow for username changes, lost passwords, etc. People who sign up for the service will need to create an account and checkout with paypal IPN. I would like a one page checkout. All payments will be processed through paypal. Any information the user enters or that is supplied during the paypal transaction should be logged in the database (name, address, email, payment amount, date, etc). The user should be sent an email that will need to be confirmed before the user can access the paid members area, but he can of course complete his payment first without confirming the email address. The ip address and email address used to confirm the link should be logged in the mysql database. I am trying to track as much info as I can on each user and the purchase to fight unauthorized payment chargebacks.

Any pages not accessible without being a paid member should not show up in search results.

The site will need to have a contact form that submits the user's name, email, ip address, comment, and inquiry type... general question, billing, technical support.

I would like the ability to create coupon codes that users can enter during checkout to receive a set amount or a percentage off the purchase price.

I would like to offer a discount to customers who like the company facebook page or tweet about my site.

The site should have a blog, and each post should have it's own unique url. I don't need a ton of functionality with the blog, just the ability to post something and for seo purposes, have it's own page.

I will need a simple logo designed.

I also need a landing page made to send ppc traffic to. The design should fit with the rest of the website's design. I will provide the layout and some starter content for the landing page.

I want prosper tracking installed on all non member pages.

If you know of a way to block IP addresses from specific countries without effecting site performance I would like to have the implemented. I have tried using htaccess but the list of IPs is HUGE and really slows down the site load speed. I am on a shared hosting plan and my host tells me I cannot use any apache mods to block IPs.

The site needs to be able to be displayed properly to visitors on mobile devices.

Site speed should be a priority. My host is hostgator so we will be working with cpanel and mysql for the database. I do not want this built on wordpress.

Assume that I will add a few more minor additions to this list of requirements.

I don't claim to be a pro, so if there is anything else you think a site like this needs, or you have any other ideas or suggestions, I am willing to listen.

***Please, read everything carefully before placing a bid. If you cannot do EVERYTHING here, and in a timely manner, please do not bid on this job.***

Budget: $350
Posted On: March 23, 2014 01:25 UTC
ID: 203795899
Category: Web Development > Web Programming
Skills: css,html,logo-design,mysql,paypal-integration,php,web-design
Country: United States
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