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Need help with Google Geocode API issue

Biudžetas 501-1000 Eur
Sukurta: 2014-03-07
Baigiasi: 2014-03-14
Siūlo: Nėra
Apibūdinimas: Have a website that uses Google Geocode API to turn addresses that are input on our site into latitude and longitude, which are then saved to a database. Site was working perfectly but in the past few days, the longitude and latitude stopped recording in the database, and the cells were left as NULL.

We don’t have that much traffic currently so it’s not likely that we hit the 2,500 requests per day limit. The code hasn’t been changed, so I’m wondering if Google may have blocked our IP for some reason, or if there is an issue in the code itself that has sprung up.

Budget: $30
Posted On: March 07, 2014 02:18 UTC
ID: 203727188
Category: Web Development > Web Programming
Skills: cakephp,google-maps-api,php
Country: United States
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  • CSS
  • PHP
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Operacinė Sistema: Linux
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