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Sukurta: 2014-01-23
Baigiasi: 2014-01-30
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Apibūdinimas: General Requirements

1. Code delivered as PhoneGap compatible HTML5/ javascript which can be installed on PHP5.3 website and a package to run on Android/ IOS (geo-location aware).

2. Use existing map (foodmap.php) as template for map default behavior and style. Refer to images for desired interface. Please make any suggestions for improvements where you see fit based on good UI practice.

3. Code must be modular so functions are easily extended/ modified

4. Map utilizes HTTP posts/ requests & JSON/ XML to get data.

5. Page(s) must be responsive: search results, map, and driving directions must display in mobile friendly and desktop browser format. If a single UI works for both then great. See attached file for desktop browser UI to follow.

6. Economize number of calls to API calls to minimize API usage / maximize app performance. Cache API results / screens for instant recall and local processing

Required Functionality

I. Google Nearby Search

Add a Search Bar for user input over Google Map (see figure 1 in attached). Search behavior must follow Google map search functionally, accepting entry of address, latitude & longitude, or text search.

1. If address (street city, zipcode, description of place, etc..) or lat/lon is entered, redraw map centered on user marker placed on lat/lon Google returned.

2. If text search is entered for nearby places, display and map Google Places Search results (Points of Interest -POI).

Get POI name, street address, phone number, Google user rating, type of business from Google Places Search Response and put into POI array for current map.

3. Call my Hotlist() API which returns POIs with latitude, longitude, name, address, scores, affiliate URL (if one exists). Include results into POI array along with Google Search results.

List results in list sorted by distance. (figure 2)

4. Call my Getscore() API to get score for each POI in array. You will need to provide me with guidance or code for accepting POI input and output (can we post json array of POIs?) so I can finalize server side API. Here is current call:

Getscore() API input: POI name, place type, latitude, longitude.

Getscore() API output: score, affiliate name, affiliate URL, distance for each POI. Affiliate names, URL, and distance may not always be available (must allow empty value or null).

Output results are JSON and look like something like output below. I can modify output as needed to fit your coding to support required functions:

[{"Lat":"37.640301","Lon":"-121.11332","s":"ffood","sn":"Genasci Brothers BBQ","SiS":"1.2","Sir":"0.350","SmS":"4.9","Smr":"3.219","SoS":"3.1","Sor":"0.805","AsS":"1.2","dist":"2.33","URL":"http:/"}{"Lat":"37.65977","Lon":"-121.11448","s":"ffood","sn":"WhattaBurger","Sis":"0","Sir":"0.10","SmS":"3.2","Smr":".219","SoS":"1.2","Sor":"1.5","AsS":"0.5","dist":"2.45","URL":"http:/"}]

(ii) Get distance for record in POI array. Get distance between POI and user location. I think this is available in Google places? It may be possible be provided in my API for some POI returned. If not, then calculate?

(iii) Get affiliate link for each record in POI array that does not have affiliate link. You can get an affiliate link using my own API. Let me know what you need for JSON output here.

List Search results sorted by closest distance. Click on for directions or for URL link to third party site.

Ref attached for more detail on above specs!

We will be doing additional phases beyond this first map and are looking for continued relationship this year.  We look forward to your proposal!

Budget: $200
Posted On: January 23, 2014 02:31 UTC
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