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Looking to build an interactive payment widget as a WP plugin

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Sukurta: 2014-01-05
Baigiasi: 2014-01-12
Siūlo: Nėra
Apibūdinimas: We are creating a site called The Internet Cannon which is about righting wrongs seen in the news. We will pick issues and potential solutions ranging from "nice" (donations to the victim, gifts, etc.) to "nasty" (flooding a Facebook page, erecting a billboard, etc.). To do this, we will call on our readers to act. This can range from writing an email and sharing on Facebook to making a donation.

This is where you come in. We would like to be able to create these widgets from the "new posts" page on WordPress and have them display underneath each article. In addition, we would like these widgets to be implemented as iframes so that they can be embedded on other peoples' sites.

Although there are a number of complexities to this widget, we have written out a very detailed list of requirements. Some of the complexities include:

- Needing to integrate with the Stripe payment service

- Allowing people to donate with and without a previously set-up account (we have flowcharts)

- Designing the widget so that it also works in mobile browsers

- Integrating the widget creation process into WordPress

- Doing this all in a secure way (we will likely try to be hacked)

If this is something you feel up to, let us know and we'll fill you in on the details.

Posted On: January 05, 2014 00:20 UTC
ID: 203460253
Category: Web Development > Web Programming
Skills: jquery,mysql,php,wordpress
Country: United States
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